Advania Mobile Pay (AMP)

A mobile payment platform allowing payments for goods and services either in stores or online/in-app in an easy and effortless manner. AMP has been in operation since late 2014. It is fully developed and available as a white label solution to larger retailers which can deploy it using their own brand name, look & feel.





Digital wallet
Store the customer’s payment, loyalty and membership cards in one place.


All receipts are itemised and stored in app for future use in case of returns, warranty claim, etc.


Connect to exsting loyalty system. Easy and fast onboarding of new members.

Add and communicate offers via app. Choose target groups with individual offers. Push reminders and offers in real-time.


Customer feedback
Get instant feedback from the customer regarding the quality of his purchase experience.


Get to know your customer better in order to be able to offer him a better deal and experience.