Advania OpenCloud is a scalable Infrastucture as a Service (IaaS) platform that is powered by renewable energy. The service is easy-to-use with templates for deploying virtual instances and self-service web console for computing and storage manipulation.
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Main features

  • Hosted in a 100% green zero carbon data center
  • Simple and robust user interface
  • Scalable virtual servers and storage billed by the hour
  • Start one or hundreds of cloud servers in seconds
  • Easy-to-use-self-service web console
  • API support (EC2 and S3)
  • Built in hourly usage metering
  • Browser based VM console access
  • User and team thresholds and quotas
  • Team and project isolation
  • Virtual routers, firewalls and load balancers
  • Can hook into any monitoring solution
  • White labeling

What do the users say?


"After implementing Advania OpenCloud we were able to take the project much further … All of this leaves us a lot more time for teaching and help the students realizing their potential."

Hannes Pétursson, Lecturer, Computer Science, University of Reykjavik

     Learn how the University of Reykjavik uses Advania OpenCloud to deliver a unified computing environment to hundreds of students
      "When so many people work on a single project information flow between people and groups within the team is vital and there computer technology plays a big part. "

Jón Arnar Björnsson, System Administrator, Team Spar
     Read about how Advania OpenCloud enables collaboration in the Team Spark Project 

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