Another Successful Advania Fall Conference

Advania would like to thank the many guests that met us at our Fall Conference in Reykjavik. Almost 40 speakers shared their thoughts on the opportunities and challenges that IT brings to all parts of society.

There was a notable tone that could be heard in the main talks: The digital transformation forces us to rethink everything. Protocols and traditions have transformed in all sectors with the introduction of IT, and many of the talks at the conference addressed how old values are changing. We heard examples from various fields: finance, tourism, law enforcement and sports - to name a few.

The Fall Conference kickstarted with an exhortation from a Norwegian father who shared his experiences after his son passed away from a degenerative disease at the age of 25. Robert Steen described how the passing of his son completely altered his perception of video games. Only after his son passed away did Robert understand the value of his sons gaming. 

The story raised many questions about old and new values and showed very clearly the generation gap between children and their parents when they argue about playing videogames.

In the light of the tremendous interest Robert Steen generated, we will be sharing the interview again:


CCP’s CEO, Hilmar Veigar Pétursson, was one of the keynote speakers. He reflected on Robert’s experience and adressed how personal connections seem to be in a more delicate state than before. He talked about the many relationships that have been formed in Eve Online and about how videogames can bring people purpose and happiness.

The challenges surrounding what to choose and what to refute in a digital world is an eternal struggle that we at Advania try every day to overcome with our customers. How do we approach new things, and do we need to apply every new solution out there?

This year’s Fall Conference had the title: “Knowledge for a new tomorrow” and we hope that the many talks in Harpa Conference Center, inspired our guests and increased their knowledge.