Better service to the unemployed

Advania has been selected to design and build a new online service for the Icelandic Directorate of Labour. This new service is intended to save the unemployed time and effort, expedite the processing of unemployment benefits and minimise time-consuming paperwork for staff.

The objective of the project is to increase the level of service to clients as well as saving time and effort. The web service will enable the unemployed to apply for unemployment benefits and monitor the progress of their applications.

A key feature of the new service is that it will allow unemployed individuals to deliver and obtain information electronically. That will eliminate the current need for applicants to visit numerous public offices when gathering documentation for the Directorate of Labour.

With the purpose of making it easier for the unemployed to find suitable work, the new web service will also function as an employment agency, allowing employers to advertise vacancies.

In the opinion of Margrét Kr. Gunnarsdóttir, Director of the IT and Research Division at the Directorate of Labour, the new web service will reduce the extent of manual processing by the staff. Significant time-saving will occur when staff no longer need to manually enter information or scan documents. "Increased automation and simplified processes can reduce expenditures considerably, along with providing more efficient monitoring of public finances."

The new web service will replace the system that the Directorate of Labour has been using for the past 25 years. The new service is expected to offer a more user-friendly interface that will make communications with the Directorate of Labour easier and more efficient.

Advania submitted the best offer in the official invitation to tender for the project.