Firesafe chooses Advania and Microsoft Dynamics 365

Scandinavia's market leader in fire protection have selected the cloud based business system Microsoft Dynamics 365 and partnership with the expertise provider Advania.

Photo: Hans Fredrik Asbjørnsen

"We have chosen Advania and Microsoft Dynamics 365 because we wanted a future oriented and modern IT platform", says Svein Kjenne, Director IT / Administration at Firesafe. "We have been keen to acquire a complete and flexible ERP / CRM solution that supports further growth of Firesafe".

Essential for the solution is Firesafes' need for a project structure and business system that works optimally across the Group.  
The delivery entails new business systems (ERP) and CRM. Within CRM, Advania has teamed up with Skill as a specialized subcontractor. Furthermore, ExFlow and integrations to edge systems are included in the solution to the company operating in Norway, Sweden and Denmark.  

"The solution we will deliver to Firesafe embraces the entire 365 platform from Microsoft. We are grateful for this trust from Firesafe and look forward to the cooperation! "says Espen B. Hartz, CEO at Advania Norway.

Coordination in focus  
Firesafe will recieive a solution that ensures coordination of work in the Group's various units. Although the object is the same for – fireproof buildings - different business units cooperate with different partners; construction, contractor and tenant. With Dynamics 365, Firesafe will implement a user friendly system that makes it easy to report and extract data on the same object for all units. At the same time, it facilitates better interaction and overview across the Group. Handling of internal invoicing and available BI is included in the solution.

Faster in operation with cloud-based standard  
What distinguishes Dynamics 365 from earlier versions of the business system is that this cloud based standardized platform provides quick access to an environment and faster process towards actual operation. Advania aims to deliver the new business system and CRM to Firesafe for acceptance test within five months.

About Firesafe
Firesafe is a comprehensive supplier of fire protection, which helps save lives and values through its work for a safer and more firefighting society. The company, which started in 1981, is the market leader in the Nordic region within its areas and appears as a comprehensive supplier of fire protection with activities such as fire engineering consulting, execution, control and service, and sales of special fire products. The Firesafe Group has a turnover of approximately NOK 700 million and has 680 employees in Norway, Sweden and Denmark. 

For more information please contact:  
Espen Hartz, CEO, Advania Norway
Tel: +47 930 29 688