Advania on stage at NIC – a premium Nordic event for IT Professionals and IT Decision Makers

Photo: Karim El-Melhaoui and Oddvar Haaland Moe

NIC is the industry’s foremost collaboration and learning event offering global best in class content and structure, delivered by some of the leading technical IT speakers in the world. The main focus is on Cloud technology, automation & management, security, client & server, collaboration, productivity and analytics.

Technical Architect Karim El-Melhaoui and Chief Technical Architect Oddvar Håland Moe will hold the session "Hardcore hacker vs. Awesome IT-PRO - Battle Royale!" In this session, participants will experience an epic hacker against defender scenario.

The session will show the dangers of attacks and how to prevent them by adjusting Windows default settings and further hardening. Real attacks will be used and the session shows how to best defend your business against these kinds of attacks. The session will cover "normal" hardening, as well as Oddvar and Karim's experience-based custom hardening.  

At NIC, Chief Technical Architect and MVP Oddvar Håland Moe will also hold the session "Hacking Windows with Windows". This session delivers a deep dive into the technique that many advanced threat players use when attacks are performed. The trend has changed from uploading custom binaries to using Windows binaries to perform necessary actions. In the session, participant will learn how to attacks use Windows binary files to do the heavy lift during an attack and about other Windows legacy features like DCOM. The session will show how to detect and reduce the impact of such attacks.

In addition, Oddvar Håland Moe have been identified by NIC as a Presenter who would appeal to a wider audience and has been asked to participate in a recorded discussion with Ashley Gatehouse, CMO at Crayon, to explore his presentation and views deeper. In this session, Karim El-Melhaoiu will participate in a Panel of Presenters, along with Paula Januszkiewicz, CEO at CQURE and Mike Clinch, VP Digital and Cloud Services at Crayon.

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