Self-Driving Cars and Landing on a Comet

The 21st Advania Fall Conference will celebrate ingenuity and present attendees with a vision of the future.

Main Points: 

  • The 21st Advania Fall Conference will be held at the Harpa Conference Centre on the 4th of September 2015
  • The conference will have a new format this year with presentations from high profile speakers on a single track before lunch and a selection of three tracks after lunch
  • The conference will celebrate ingenuity and present attendees with a vision of the future
  • The conference has 29 items on the agenda; Presentations, a breakout session and three different tracks, each containing 6 presentations

The Future is here
Information Technology (IT) will continue to transform our world. Self-driving cars will revolutionize transit and cities, computers of different sizes and shapes can be voice controlled or run by artificial intelligence. People who have lost limbs will have access to mind controlled bionic prosthetics. These and other revolutionary trends will be covered at the festival of human ingenuity that is the 21st Advania Fall Conference, held on the 4th of September 2015.  

A wide range of presentations
The conference features 29 items on the agenda, including presentations from such leading companies and institutions such as Mercedes-Benz, The European Space Agency, Google, Össur, Dell, Microsoft, Knowledge Factory, NCR, IKEA, Veeam, Videntifier, WSP, Outsystems, Websense and HP.

New conference format 
The Advania Fall Conference will have a new format this year. Before lunch there will be a series of highly informative and inspiring presentations on a single track. After lunch, conference guests can choose to attend any presentation from the three tracks and HP’s breakout session. The tracks cover the following topics: Technology & Security, Innovation and Management.  The Technology & Security track will be headlined by Dell. 

The Agenda before Lunch in the Eldborg Hall

  • The European Space Agency tells the incredible story about the Rosetta project which involves orbiting around and landing on a comet
  • Mercedes-Benz explains how to fulfil the vision of self-driving cars 
    How Google uses big datasets and machine learning techniques such as neural networks to enable applications like image and speech recognition and self-driving cars
  • How IT giants such as Google reflect our society and what the future of IT brings
  • The importance of coding and collaboration in today´s digital world
  • In a Q&A session Jón Tetzchner, the founder of Opera Software and the CEO of Vivaldi, and Gestur G. Gestsson, the CEO of Advania, will discuss innovation in IT from many different angles 

The Agenda after lunch in four conference halls

  • The Advania Fall Conference features three tracks: Technology & Security, Management and Innovation 
  • Special Breakout session from HP on the hybrid cloud
  • 19 presentations to choose from after lunch
  • The former city councillor, television talk show host and Loeb Fellow at Harvard Graduate School of Design, Gísli Marteinn Baldursson, delivers his key note speech on the importance of smart city planning 
  • Epic cocktail party hosted by Dell 

Exhibition area and networking

The conference will have an impressive exhibition area where leading technology companies will invite conference attendees to view and test their cutting edge solutions. The exhibition area and the cocktail party hosted by Dell will give attendees many opportunities for networking. 

A rich tradition of sharing the trends in IT

For the past 21 years, over 15 thousand guests have attended the Fall Conference and 800 presentations have been delivered. The 2013 and 2014 event had over one thousand attendees each. The Advania Fall Conference is the largest event in the Icelandic information technology sector and one of the oldest European technology conference.

 The 2015 event is sponsored by following leading technology companies

  • Dell – Platinum Sponsor
  • HP – Gold Sponsor
  • Intel Security, Interactive Intelligence, Service Now - Silver Sponsors

 These technology leaders will be joined at the exhibition area by Veeam and Advania.

Join us at the Conference 

  • Ticket price: €350 per attendee. 
  • Registration before 28th of August (Early Bird Offer): €250 per attendee.
  • Companies who register five or more attendees: €250 per attendee.
  • For registration of ten or more: €200 per attendee.
  • Included is access to all presentations, lunch and a cocktail party hosted by Dell.

Check out the agenda and register for the conference