Bong receives agent-less backup from Advania Sweden

This will save both time and money for Bong as well as increase safety and security.

The packaging and envelope giant Bong will together with Advania’s help migrate over to the agent-less backup solution Asigra. This will save both time and money for Bong as well as increase safety and security.
Bong AB is a somewhat unknown company in the general public’s eye. This despite the fact that Bong was founded back in 1737, is a listed company, has branch offices in 15 countries, employs over 2500 people and has a yearly turnover of 3,5 billion Swedish krona. Might seem a bit unfair?

- Not to worry, the most important thing is that our customers know who we are, states Fredrik Ahlgren who is a system administrator at Bongs head office in Kristianstad. 

Bong manufactures paper packaging, envelopes and bags of all kinds. Often, creatively designed, customized for the customers. But until 2008 there was no common IT infrastructure in place within the company. All of the Bong companies used different systems, which sometime caused problems.

- We are now on our way to switch over to Microsoft Dynamics AX as a companywide business system, Fredrik Ahlgren states.

Sounded too good to be true

Even within the backup area Bong allowed for different solutions though out offices which proved to be very inefficient. Fredrik and his colleagues examined the market’s various different backup systems and contacted Advania for advice.

- Tobias Persson, system consultant at Advania whom I have great confident in, spoke warmly of Asigra. It sounded almost too good to be true as I am a bit skeptical by nature, Fredrik admits with a laugh.

In March Advania Sweden perfomed a pilot installation of Asigra across two Bong offices. Advania is by the way alone in offering Asigra in Sweden. Everything really turned out as great as Advania had promised. Now things were in high gear. By June 30 twenty of Bongs offices across Europe will switch over to Asigra as their backup solution.

- Asigra was just what we had been looking for and it’s very easy to add new clients. It’s sufficient to setup a server in each office and provide it with a local disk or similar. 

Only Pay for Support

Fredrik Ahlgren really likes the fact that Asigra is so easily managed. No software is required when new users in the company needs to be added. The only routine required is to each morning read last night’s backup report; this document is mostly pretty short.  - If there is anything I don’t understand I contact Advania and I always get an immediate response.

Another major benefit is that the service is cost effective.

- The installation and the licensing cost some initially but after that phase we only pay for the support.

A lot of storage is also not required since Asigra apart from the initial backup only backs up the changes made.

ASIGRA – Backup with eight advantages

  • Easy to Install – Asigra is an agent-less backup: No software needs to be installed when new users are to be added. It’s enough to install the Asigra software once on an ordinary PC, the rest is handled via the network.
  • Easy to Manage – The backup is automated and the data you want to save is stored directly on the Asigra server. As a good security measure we recommend that the nightly backup report is read.
  • Easy to Understand – Asigra is easy to explain to employees without any IT knowledge. Employees need not worry about the backups as Asigra takes care of that for them.
  • Flexible – It is common that clashes sometimes occur between backup systems and PC hardware such as graphics cards etc. Asigra works with all types of environments and systems such as Windows, Linux, Exchange, SQL, AS/400 and Mac.
  • Cost Effective – The running costs of Asigra is low. After the initial installation and licensing costs are paid for the only additional cost is support if desired.
  • Time Saving – It’s enough with a full backup of the data you want to save/protect with Asigra. After the initial backup only the changes are being backed up. This saves time as well as storage space.
  • Safe and Secure – Asigra is reliable and increases the level of security within the user community. All data is encrypted thus providing complete privacy and confidentiality.
  • Even as a Service – If you don’t wish to install Asigra within the company site we can instead offer Asigra as a service. Advania will then provide the computer with the Asigra software.