Euro Center migrated all their IT to Advania in Sweden

"It was Advania’s flexibility that proved decisive"

"It was Advania’s flexibility that proved decisive"

In June Euro-Center migrated all their IT to Advania’s environment. This included the Copenhagen office as well as the local branch offices across six continents. This has resulted in optimal IT efficiency for Euro-Center despite its extremely decentralized organization; this has also led to Euro-Center lowering their IT costs. 

Nicolas Sommer the IT Manager at Euro-Center upgraded and modernized the environment but realized soon afterwards that a radical change had to be made. The problem was the fact that Euro-Centers eleven offices across six continents evolved and developed in eleven different directions which was something he could not control. 

- Everyone more or less ran their own systems and applications which among many things resulted in communications issues between offices. Almost everything had to go through us in the Copenhagen head office Nicolas states.

The lack of uniformity also clouded the financial reporting which is imperative for a company such as Euro-Center who performs services for insurance companies. This resulted in a frivolous impression, especially on the group of business travelers who engages Euro-Center in several different corners of the globe.

Centralized IT environment

In the Winter of 2010/2011 a procurement was drafted to come to grips with the existing IT problems and to create a common, centralized IT platform. Among the 26 candidates Advania was announced the winner. 

- It was Advania’s flexibility that proved decisive. It was never a problem for Advania that we are both large and small at the same time, on one side a global company stretching across six continents and on the other side a company with only 140 employees.

Another major aspect was Advania’s competence and know-how within the Citrix field 

- The fact that Advania could offer 24/7 support was also a major bonus despite of the time differences between our many branch offices states Nicolas who never saw the geographical distance to Advania head office in Stockholm as a problem.

In June after a couple months of preparations it was finally time for the migration to Advania’s environment. Migrations were performed in each Euro-Center office in conjunction with Advania consultants.

It must have been expensive for you to pay for Advania’s travels to Syndney, Rio and other distant cities?

- Indeed it was, but thanks to the migration our annual IT costs will decrease with approximately 30 percent so the travel expenses are soon recovered states Nicolas Sommer.

The major gain for Euro-Center is not about money but instead the effectiveness of the organization the elevated IT quality now provides. All previous mentioned problems are now a thing of the past or on its way to be resolved now that Advania has taken over the full responsibility for maintenance as well as development of Euro-Centers IT environment.

About Euro-Center

The Danish company Euro-Center A/S functions since 1971 as an extended arm for many of the leading insurance companies around the globe. 
People with a travel or health insurance policy can turn to Euro-Center to gain access to local health care. Euro-Center offers knowledge about where to find the best health care and how to avoid paying too much for these service as well as assistance with local forms and bureaucracy.
Apart from the head office in Copenhagen Euro-Center has ten branch offices stretching across six continents located in: Sydney, Bangkok, Beijing, Istanbul, Larnaca, Cape Town, Palma de Mallorca, Malaga, Rio de Janeiro and New York.
Euro-Center has approximately 140 employees and deals with approximately 160 000 individual cases on a yearly basis. The yearly revenue is 100 million Euros.

This is what Advania does for Euro-Center

In the middle of June 2011 after a few months of preparations Advania took full responsibility for the operations and upgrade of Euro-Centers IT environment. The migration was conducted in parallel across Euro-Centers eleven offices around the globe and today all of Euro-Centers IT software is centralized at Advania’s datacenter in Malmö. All applications are consolidated in a common environment with a common GUI.

Advania is now Euro-Center’s SPOC (Single Point of Contact) when it come to IT related queries, this for Euro-Center employees as well as IT subcontractors. A 24/7 service and support is also in place.

Euro-Center has a Citrix solution in place that provides users with secure and easy access to applications and information wherever they might be located around the world. The majority of users utilizes thin clients and work towards a centralized datacenter. Apart from the keyboard, mouse and monitor a small diskless system unit is located on their desk.

In this new environment the WAN optimizers, Citrix Branch Repeaters are being used. The Branch Repeater among other features compresses data across the links between the local offices and the centralized IT environment. This solution allows lower bandwidth which in turn makes it more cost effective over time.