The Arrival of Advania

Skýrr, HugurAx, and its Nordic subsidiaries have now taken on a new name: Advania

Skýrr, HugurAx, and its Nordic subsidiaries have now taken on a new name: Advania. Advania is one of the largest IT companies operating within the Nordic Region, with 1,100 employees and 20 offices in 4 countries: Iceland, Latvia, Norway, and Sweden.

The name change is the culmination of a 2-year series of mergers and a part of the company’s transformation into a global service company with extensive operations. The new name will replace the company names Skýrr, HugurAx, and EJS in Iceland, Hands in Norway, Kerfi in Sweden, and Aston-Baltic in Latvia.

“In the past two years we have worked  towards the integration of Skýrr and its subsidiaries in Iceland and in the Nordic countries. We have now united our excellent staff under a single banner and will use the impact of a larger company to the fullest and proceed into the future. ‘Advania’ is derived from the word ‘advantage’, and that is exactly what we strive to offer our customers: an advantage in their field, with sound services and creative solutions,” says Gestur G. Gestsson, CEO of Advania.

Advania offers a wide range of solutions and services that meet the needs and demands of 110 thousand customers world-wide. Advania’s projects cover all areas of information technology: software, hardware, hosting, and operational services. Advania’s major shareholder is The Enterprise Investment Fund of Iceland. Other shareholders are the investment company Títan, a number of pension funds and 35 other shareholders.

Gestur G. Gestsson is CEO of Advania. Executive directors of Advania in the Nordic countries are Aivars Burtnieks in Latvia, Vegard Rooth in Norway, and Mikael Noakson in Sweden.

For more information please contact:

Gestur G. Gestsson
CEO of Advania
+354 615 3000                    

Stefán Hrafn Hagalín 
Director of Advania’s Corporate Communications 
+354 897 3644