Releasy acquires Simultaneous Capacity

Releasy is now about to receive an integrated, scalable and modern IT environment that increases efficiency and reduces cost.

Releasy Customer Management, specialized on outsourced customer service has acquired a new Contact Center solution (CIC) from Advania Sweden. Releasy is now about to receive an integrated, scalable and modern IT environment that increases efficiency and reduces cost.

Releasy had a greatly neglected IT infrastructure. Something had to be done. Furthermore, one of the most important IT agreements was approaching end of life.
A thorough procurement was carried out which also included a visit to Advania’s partner Interactive Intelligence in the United States.

- It was convincing but also the fact that Advania provided the technology for SJ’s internal help desk contributed to us in choosing Advania as a partner. Releasy as with SJ has extremely high standards when it comes to reliability, explains Carl-Niclas Odenbring the IT Manager at Releasy in Stockholm.

Not least all the in depth discussions with associated systems that must operate at 100 percent. Releasy handles the customer service for many well-known Swedish companies.

- If any of these areas of customer service are down it is a disaster for our customers and we in turn have no business.

Incoming and Outgoing calls in parallel

It was also the incoming traffic that was prioritized during the switch over and in January this was completed. In March the outgoing traffic for the operations were deployed.

-We were in a bit of a rush which resulted in a few initial problems. But as of March the major advantages of the change were revealed. 

Carl-Niclas refers to among other things the fact that the individual Releasy operators can handle both incoming and outgoing calls in parallel. When no one contacts the customer services in their areas of responsibility they can instead take the opportunity to make outgoing calls. 

-Prior to this we had different platforms for incoming and outgoing interactions that were not all that easily switched between, he explains. 

Open platform

Carl-Niclas also appreciates that CIC is an open platform that is easily integrated with Releasy’s own applications.
In conjunction with this change Advania takes over the responsibility for the operations and maintenance of almost all IT at Releasy. Could Releasy not have hired a couple of IT experts instead?

-Sure, but we are not a specialized IT company. We want to focus on our core business and instead have a modern, carefree IT as a tool. This is provided by Advania to a somewhat lower cost than previously, explains Carl-Niclas Odenbring.

This is what Advania does at Releasy

Advania is about to build a completely new IT infrastructure for Releasy, with a new WAN, IP telephony etc. In November work started on the new platform for customer services CIC and in January Releasy could use it for e-mail and incoming calls. In March begins the implementation of outbound activities as well as introducing other channels such as chat and callback into the new platform. Advania manages Releasy’s new platform and has operations and development responsibilities for the server park that handles the interactions. Advania is also responsible for almost all Releasy software updates.

About Releasy

Releasy is one of Sweden’s leading outsourced contact center operation companies and provides both inbound customer service, support and outbound sales such as telemarketing.

The business has a focus on effective customer service with high quality as well as sales and by means of analysis and segmentation refine and extend customer relationships. Releasys customers include companies in telecommunications, energy, media, travel and the banking sector.

Releasy Customer Management AB had a turnover in 2009 of approximately SEK 149 million and employs 550 co-workers. Releasy originates from Linköping and has 25 years experience in the industry. Releasy was spun off from Addici as a separate company in the spring of 2008.