Geek of the Year

Hjálmar Snær Gíslason, Advania´s Geek of the Year.

Hjálmar Snær Gíslason, Geek of the Year Advania has, collectively and on its own, actively worked on improving the public attitude towards information technology in Iceland. An integral part of this project has been to strengthen the self-identity of the working force in the field of information technology and to make them proud of their profession, in short: to embrace being “a geek”. “Geekdom” should not be frowned upon, as a matter of fact being “a geek” is a virtue. It refers to a person that tends to his or her tasks with affection. Everywhere in life we are surrounded by geeks – and luckily so! As part of this positive branding of information technology, 

Advania in 2010 launched its (now annual) competition GEEK OF THE YEAR. In December 2010, Advania customers and other members of the IT-sector were asked to nominate GEEK OF THE YEAR. Around 400 nominations were sent in by 7.000 people, with 20 individuals receiving more than two votes each. A selection committee of IT-specialists reviewed the nominations and eventually choose GEEK OF THE YEAR, with the results being announced at Advania´s New Year party in early January 2011. 

The prestigious prize was given to Hjálmar Snær Gíslason, founder of DataMarket, which runs a market area with the same name in the field of data and statistics. Hjálmar was awarded with a dashing perpetual trophy and a holiday trip abroad for two.