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New CEO of Advania Data Centers: Eyjólfur Magnús

27.12.2017 16:15

We are incredibly pleased to announce a new CEO of Advania Data Centers, Eyjólfur Magnús Kristinsson, who will manage the company’s continued development and rapid growth. 

Eyjólfur Magnús is a datacenter veteran who’s very familiar with Advania’s datacenter operations, as he served as Managing Director of the Business Solutions Division since 2010, and Data Center activities from 2011. 

In three years Advania Data Centers has grown tenfold, and growth outlook for 2018 is at least 300%. 

“Advania Data Centers has gone from being an experimental startup to one of the fastest growing companies in Europe in a very short period,” says Eyjólfur Magnús. “We have been very fortunate to work with global leaders in high-performance computing, blockchain and cryptocurrency industries and that has resulted in a solid group of customers that now rely on our services – from small companies to globally-leading enterprises.” 

As more industries such as automotive engineering, weather agencies, and insurance companies are relying on supercomputing power to solve complex statistical calculations, demand for data center resources increases. Advania Data Centers provide diversified solutions in colocation, managed services, and High-Performance computing resources and solutions. Our HPC experts assist software and hardware manufacturers, research teams, and engineers in implementing projects and addressing various compute resource needs. We have also recently been involved with a revolutionary medical research project in collaboration with the Living Matter Laboratory of Stanford University.

Eyjólfur believes that Advania Data Centers provide outstanding specialist services. “Although the core business of the company involves data processing, we consider ourselves a technology company that offers outstanding specialist services. About 35 employees work at Advania Data Centers today, and we expect to double in size next year,” he says.


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