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ISC 2017 Recap: Traditional HPC, meet next generation HPC

30.06.2017 11:28

ISC 2017 conference in Frankfurt Germany, was a great event for Advania HPC where we engaged in great HPC dialogue with both new participants as well as the usual suspects we meet every year.

At the event this year we presented our offerings that we at Advania have gained great traction with, the traditional HPC hosting, our HPC support as well as our new offering, HPC as a Service, a new offering that offers great value to HPC operators for hosting their HPC clusters, such as:

  • HPC optimised hosting environment 
  • PUE as low as 1,03 
  • No upfront investment (OPEX)
  • Full stack HPC support
  • Very competitive pricing

We also got our partners and friends from Ubercloud, Burak Yenier and Wolfgang Gentzsch, to tell us a bit about their solutions and how containerised engineering applications work on top of Advania HPC as a Service.


ISC 2017 - High Performance Computing as a Service from advania on Vimeo.