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UberCloud Case Study: Complex Blood Flow through Cardiovascular Medical Device Using OpenFOAM on Advania

07.04.2017 15:28

Many small and medium size manufacturers cannot afford to buy a powerful and expensive
compute server to be able to run more complex and larger numbers of simulations which is
necessary to manufacture higher quality products in shorter time. Buying a high-performance
computer for the company means long procurement cycles, HPC expert knowledge to administer
and operate the computer, additional expensive engineering software licenses, and high total cost of

This case study proofs that using Advania’s cloud resources together with UberCloud’s application
software containers provide an excellent alternative to owning on-premise computing resources,
coming with ease of software portability to the cloud, instant access to and seamless use of Advania
cloud resources, and performance scalability from few to many cores, with an on-demand and payper-
use business model.

During this one-week Proof of Concept ( PoC) we used UberCloud containers to set up a technical
computing environment on the Advania Platinum instances. OpenFOAM, the popular open source
computational fluid dynamics toolkit was used to simulate complex blood flow through a
cardiovascular medical device. Pre-processing, simulation runs, and post-processing steps were
performed successfully with the OpenFOAM container coming with a fully equipped powerful virtual
desktop in the cloud and containing all the necessary software, data and tools.

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