Advania Sweden gets appointed Aruba Platinum Partner status

After an extensive process and complex certifications, Advania Sweden is now given the specialization status of Platinum Partner by Aruba, A Hewlett Packard Enterprise company. The status is a token of Aruba’s and Advania’s deepening partnership. Together, Aruba and Advania will lead the digitization of Nordic companies and organizations.

Ingrid Nilsson, Channel Marketing Manager, Nordics & Benelux, at Aruba and Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

Aruba is a global company within the group Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), helping companies and organizations to maximize the benefits of the cloud, mobile services and IoT. Aruba supports the world’s evolving need for wireless networks and the new generation of technology. Their purpose is not only to contribute to the digitization, but to be it.

To be able to reach out to all dimensions of our society, Aruba is working closely together with their partner companies. The partners adapt the solutions and bring them to the end client. Aruba’s partners are elected and ranked via a global partnership program, Aruba Partner Ready for Networking Program. 

The status levels Business, Silver, Gold and Platinum are being appointed to the partners after reaching a number of criteria. The criteria are for example based on revenue, sales and how well the company have met different technical and commercial requirements. 

Advania, who up until this point was on gold level, is now taking their place as a Platinum Partner. To reach all criteria within Platinum, Advania got the certificates ACMX, ACMP, ACMA, ACDX, ACDP, ACCX, ACCP, ACCA, ACSP, ACSA, ASEAP, ACMS and AIS.

“Sometimes we – humble enough – say that we are the trend. That wouldn’t be possible without collaboration. Together we are the trend. To walk hand in hand with Advania means that we always can find the solution that works best for every end client. It takes a massive amount of knowledge to become a Platinum Partner, but Advania is special in more ways than that. They dare to stand out and be different; Advania is not walking in anyone’s footprints and we like that. This was a natural next step for Advania, after winning our prize HPE Intelligent Edge and HPE Partner of the Year on the very same night at our award show Guldmyran in February.”, says Marcus Bäckrud, Country Manager for Aruba in Sweden.

Guldmyran is an annual, Swedish gala hosted by HP and HPE to recognize their best strategic partners, out of a total number of about 500 companies.

Advania’s client base includes a large amount of industry sectors and fields. For example, Advania provides IT services to schools, hospitals and authorities, but also to plenty of commercial enterprises.  

”Almost nothing works today without some kind of connection – network is the heart of everything. We depend on a network connection when we eat, sleep, work and workout. It’s no longer just a product, but a creative solution that is matched with the innovative technologies of today. Becoming a Platinum Partner enables us to work closer with Aruba, closer to the trend, giving us the possibility of delivering even better to our clients. Together we will speed up their digitization projects.”, says Tomas Wanselius, CEO at Avania Sweden. 

Advania’s specializations from Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Aruba:
HPE Partner Ready Solution Provider Platinum Hybrid IT Partner
HPE Partner Ready Service Provider Gold
HPE Partner Ready Services Gold
HPE Partner Ready Services, Gold Delivery partner
Aruba Partner Ready for Networking Platinum Partner