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HPC services

Easy, fast and scalable self-provisioning of computer resources. Scale your operations easily while managing costs efficiently.

HPC services

Advania offers you the possibility to seamlessly move into our HPC infrastructure, without compromising your private HPC infrastructure.

By utilizing the Advania HPC services you can start by moving your HPC cluster into our data center or furthermore start using our HPC Cluster On-Demand through our self-service portal.

Our HPC on demand environment allows you to manage multiple IT environments from one single point. This is a result of our close collaboration with Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Intel and Ubercloud.

  • Intel – Processors and networking
  • HPE – Hardware and software
  • Ubercloud – Dockerized HPC application provisioning
  • Advania – Hosting and managed services

Thanks to this colaboration we can provide all necessary service components needed  to run a HPC infrastructure such as hardware, support, operations, hosting, middleware, applications and Software Containers.

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Advania´s HPC Services provides the following benefits:

  • Cost reduction
  • Pay per use and service level agreements aligned with core business
  • Faster time to deployment
  • Faster technology refresh

Service offerings:

HPC cloud

Avoid rushed, unplanned hardware procurements due to sudden workload peaks

Advania offers you the possibility to seamlessly burst into our HPC cloud when needed

Dedicated HPC

Private HPC cluster

Advania handles procurement

Fixed monthly payments

No Upfront CAPEX

On-Prem HPC

Advania has experienced HPC specialists that can help with HPC cluster specifications and provide procurement and delivery into a data center of your choice

Hybrid HPC

Best of both worlds

Host your private cluster at Advania and use our flexible HPC capacity services for bursting

"Our engineering case study demonstrates that the Advania Cloud together with UberCloud‘s application containers are an ideal resource for our European engineering and scientific customers who want to burst into the cloud for their high-performance technical workload which often is too demanding for their in-house computers."

The UberCloud

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