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Answering customer demand with HPC as a Service

"With HPE, we are now taking the next step toward more flexible and consumable HPC services. Our customers can choose whether they host on premises, at a datacenter of their choosing, or with us - maintaining a bare minimum infrastructure while leveraging on-demand HPC resources when needed."

Ægir Rafn Magnusson, Business Development Director at Advania

Advania has made significant advancements in hosting and datacenter offerings over the years and has built extensive experience and capabilities within the high-performance computing space.

Participating in great HPC projects with some of the world's leading companies has created an opportunity to learn what's needed, and has also shown how much value we can create for our customers.

So what are we doing differently than others in the HPC industry?

When a company's workload has reached maximum capacity - whether generic or HPC - one of the main options is to scale their own infrastructure hardware while taking advantage of on-demand resources where possible for workload spikes.

“Until now, HPC operators have had to go into expensive investments to scale out.”

To economically address traditional IaaS resource needs, public cloud options have been readily available for some time. However, the same advanced solutions have not extended to high-performance computing. For HPC operators, the only way forward was to invest in expensive build-outs: until now. 

In reviewing various HPC projects that we have taken on, we try to identify and address pain points for our customers, carefully evolving our HPC services to better serve their needs and create more value.


“We are now taking the next step with HPE towards a flexible and consumable HPC services.”


With HPE, we are now taking the next step toward more flexible and consumable HPC services. Our customers can choose whether they host on premises, at a datacenter of their choosing, or with us - maintaining a bare minimum infrastructure while leveraging on-demand HPC resources when needed.

This "hybrid HPC" service enables flexibility for a company's HPC operations; leveraging infrastructure and additional resources on-demand for myriad reasons: to avoid productivity delays while internal build-outs are in progress, to address high priority projects, temporary or seasonal workloads, or to implement HPC processing ad-hoc where investment in an HPC cluster may not be justified. 

Our HPC service can save time, money, and resources for companies that demand flexibility.


“A customer can have a pre-built buffer that is only paid for if it is used.”


Additionally, we now offer cluster leasing through our HPC-as-a-Service (HPCaaS).

For a fixed price per month, we will procure, set up, host, maintain, and support an HPC cluster based on your specific needs. Clusters can be refreshed when needed as well, providing a pre-built resource buffer. Our pay-by-use pricing scheme helps transform large, upfront CAPEX investments to manageable OPEX expenditures, enabling your business to do more when needed.

Using CMU to orchestrate workloads, offering containerized HPC, and providing support - all the way up to workflows and applications, we at Advania in partnership with HPE, UberCloud, and CPU24/7 - are excited to take this step into the next generation of HPC.

For further information you can visit the Advania HPC page

Icelandic consumers welcome self-checkout solutions

The positive reaction shown by consumers to new self-checkout solutions in grocery stores in Iceland resulted in Advania receiving the NCR Innovation Award.

The groceries market in Iceland has undergone significant changes recently. It was only a matter of months from installation of the first self-checkout kiosk in a grocery store in Iceland to three of the four main grocery chains placing orders for the same kind of equipment.

The kiosks are manufactured by NCR, a global leader in kiosk solutions. Advania sells and services the system, which has been comprehensively tested internationally and is extremely simple to use.

Consumers have, therefore, shown very positive reactions to the solution, and its adoption into the Icelandic market has been a resounding success. Over the next few years, the self-checkout solutions will be installed in more shops throughout Iceland. The objective of doing so is to reduce workloads during peak periods and to shorten queues at check-out.

It has been shown quite clearly over the course of the year that a large proportion of customers prefer to use efficient self-checkout solutions. For this reason, Advania recently received the NCR Innovation Award for exceptional achievement in the adoption and presentation of new solutions in the market.

“The groceries sector in Iceland has been quick to react and has taken huge steps to meet the demands of modern customers. Consumer responses to self-checkout solutions have been extremely positive and completely in tune with what our neighbouring countries have experienced. We are delighted that these simple solutions can reduce workloads in shops,” says Ægir Már Þórisson, CEO Advania Iceland.