Taking Hosted Backup Services to the Next Level

"For the past years, we at Advania have collaborated closely with the backup company Veeam in the development and implementation of our backup systems that safeguard and service our virtual hosting environment. This has catapulted us to being a leading player in the backup services industry."

Olafur Helgi Haraldsson

For the past years, we at Advania have collaborated closely with the backup company Veeam in the development and implementation of our backup systems that safeguard and service our virtual hosting environment. This has catapulted us to being a leading player in the backup services industry.

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Recognition for ambition and cooperation

Earlier this month Veeam presented Advania with the prestigious “Veeam Cloud Service Provider (VCSP) Partner Award” This award is given to Nordic hosting companies who have demonstrated exceptional ambition and cooperation with Veeam. 
Last winter I had the privilege of being invited to speak at the VeeamON 2015 conferences which are hosted by Veeam. My task was to give other hosting companies insight into how Advania plans and implements backup services and how we create value for our customers. 

VEEAM Advania award.
 Me (on the far right) with our partners, my colleague Petur Arnason with the reward in the middle. 

Backup should add value

We at Advania believe that backup is one of the basic services included in hosting. It should not only be a good defense against data loss, but it should also be value adding. For example, new virtual machines and data should seamlessly be integrated in our Service Level Agreements and companies that are hosted by us do not experience disruption to their operations. There is a need to cooperate closely with customers so they are able to use the full potential of data backup services. 
By breaking away from the old way of doing things and automate backup in the hosting environment there is a great deal of potential for getting real benefits for both hosters and customers. This improves both service level and data security.

Test backup services – they are the zero in the 3-2-1-0 rule

Smart backup services enable you to do automatic testing. When planning your backup services, it is important to safeguard data with the 3-2-1-0 rule. It is often forgotten that backup can be unreliable unless it is tested on a regular basis. Instead of testing your backup ad hoc, it is recommended that testing is both frequent and automatic. 
The 3-2-1-0 Rule
3. Have three copies of data
2. The data is stored on two different medium
1. One copy should be safely stored off site
0. Test regularly how to restore the IT environment automatically

Have a sandbox to prepare for updates or changes

When new implementations or updates are being tested, it is often difficult to get access to live systems without putting a lot of strain on system administrators or developers. This is simply due to the fact that it is difficult to set up a testing environment that contains all the nodes and services included in the system to be tested.
We at Advania use backup systems to boot entire environments of backup stacks in a protected environment. This way you can apply updates or add-ons without wasting precious resources used by live IT environments and therefore lower the risk of failure in your systems. 

In order to maximize the operational security of your IT systems the best way is to test backup in a reliable fashion in a protected environment before changes are made in a live IT environment.

Have copies off site

There are many ways to get back up data offsite. Probably, the most popular method is to take data tapes and store them in a bank vault. They are, however, often a poor choice for storing tapes due to environmental factors such as humidity levels. 
We offer our customers who use Veeam solutions to move data to our data centers using a self-service solution. Advania data centers are constantly monitored by our technicians and experts and are ISO 270001 certified. When using our services it is relatively easy and simple to reclaim important data in case of major disasters. 

RVX to Deliver Stunning Visual Effects out of Advania Datacenters

RVX produces world-class visual effects for film, TV, gaming, and virtual reality projects. Since 2008, they have delivered over 20 projects that have captured global attention, including Hollywood blockbusters such as Gravity, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, 2 Guns, Contraband, and Australia, as well as the virtual reality experience Everest VR.

By selecting Advania datacenters to host their VFX and VR platform, RVX has access to Advania’s experienced HPC engineering and support team, while leveraging additional HPC resources as needed through Advania’s new HPC as a Service on-demand, high-performance computing clusters.

Secure and sustainable
With built-in operational redundancy, Advania’s datacenters are also compliant with and certified to highest security standards, and have the advantage of running on 100% sustainable energy, offering very energy-efficient operations (PUE from 1,03).
“We are most likely creating the most environmentally-friendly visual effects in the world,” says Benjamin Bohn, CEO & Managing Director at RVX. “The stability of the hosting environment is what matters to our operations, and after evaluating the options, we decided to go with Advania where the datacenter reliability was certainly one of the big factors, but also the capabilities that we have available if needed from Advania to support our operations.”

Increasing VFX demands call for more compute power
As visual effects become more elaborate and require more computing power in production, RVX has seen a dramatic increase in infrastructure demands.
Upfront investment to meet these growing workloads can be very high. Rather than over-investing in hardware that may not be fully utilized, RVX searched for a solution that can accommodate their base infrastructure needs with the option to access additional resources on-demand when they are needed.
“Advania has built up a highly experienced datacenter team that can deliver world class hosting environment that companies with high demands like RVX can rely on to support their operations as needed,” says Ægir Mar Thorisson, CEO of Advania Iceland. “We are proud of our team that has built up a very strong infrastructure to deliver hosting to the highest standard to serve global needs.”

About Advania
Advania is a leading Nordic IT company offering diverse services and solutions that include software, ERP systems, consulting, hardware, IT operations, hosting and data center services. Built on a solid foundation spanning 70 years of technology services, Advania has over 10,000 clients in public and private sectors in the Nordics and Europe.
Advania’s staff of 1100 employees across 17 offices located in three countries is committed to providing customers with the best possible service. Operations are certified according to international quality and security standard ISO 27001.