Advania traces its roots to three Nordic countries, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. Over a long period of time, each country generated a crucial component of what eventually was braided into one company in 2012: Advania, which is now present in all the Nordic countries.



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Mikael Noaksson

Group CEO

He was CEO of Advania Sweden, Director of Advania Sourcing and BU Manager of Advania Consulting

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Lilja Brynja Skúladóttir

Group CFO

Previously she worked at KPMG and Icelandic Group Ltd, which is listed on the Icelandic stock exchange.

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Ægir Már Þórisson

CEO Advania Iceland

Previously he was Director of human resources at the company and Managing Director of consulting at Capacent.

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Tomas Wanselius

CEO Advania Sweden

He was CEO and previously Sales & Marketing Director of Caperio and CEO of OBH Nordica AB and CEO of Portal AB

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Espen Hartz

CEO Advania Norway

He joined Advania as Director of Sales and Marketing from Bluegarden AS, where held the same position. Previously he was salesa manager at Bluegarden and Key account Manager at Atea.

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Sami Grönberg

CEO Advania Finland

Previously the CEO and Senior partner of Vintor Oy. Before joining Vintor he held various positions within Telecom Operator.

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Carsten Weis

CEO Kompetera (Advania Denmark)

He founded Kompetera in 2004 and served as the company's CEO for 16 years. Before that, he founded and directed Commitment Data A/S and served as a key account manager at Complet/Merkantil Data.

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Robert Schwartz

CFO Advania Sweden

Previously he was CFO of Advania Group. Prior responsibilities at Advania include Business Controller and Accounting Manager.

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Torben Bruun

CFO Kompetera (Advania Denmark)

He joined Kompetera in 2010 and was the company's CFO for a decade. Previously he was an IT manager at Forenede Service A/S and CEO and partner at SRS Service & Rengørings Selskab A/S.

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Ole Anders Wilskow Jensson

CFO Advania Norway

Founded Itello in 2008 and served as the company´s CEO for 12 years. Prior to that he was the CEO of Norsk Data Senter A/S for ten years.

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Antti Honka

CFO Advania Finland

Prior to joining Advania, Antti served as COO and CFO of a financial software start-up. He has also held senior finance roles at energy companies Ørsted and Gasum and began his career in investment banking at Icecapital Securites.

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Jón Brynjar Ólafsson

CFO Advania Iceland

He is the Chief Financial Officer of Advania Iceland. Prior to that he was the Director of Finance at Advania Iceland.

Our story

 In 1939 an Icelandic entrepreneur founded EJS, an office equipment repair workshop in Reykjavik. He soon expanded his business, opened a store and started importing office machinery, cash registers etc. EJS eventually became a dominant IT business in Iceland. In 1952 the Icelandic government and the city of Reykjavik founded Skýrr, an IT company whose purpose was to take a leading role in computing and recordkeeping in Iceland. The company was privatized in 1995 and later became the core element in a group of companies – including EJS – that merged under the Skýrr brand.

In 1971 the IT company Nokia Elektronic AB – later renamed Datapoint Svenska AB – was founded in Sweden. The company sold Datapoint computer terminals but later became a network pioneer and a key system integrator in Sweden. In 2003 Datapoint merged with Virtus AB, an IT-company which was founded in 1994 and grew rapidly. Virtus soon became a key player in the Swedish market, focusing on Mircosoft based solutions and offering storage & backup services. In 2003 one the strongest and most comprehensive system integrators in Sweden was created when Datapoint and Virtus merged. The new company was named Kerfi AB.

In 1991 Merkantildata Applikasjon was founded in Norway, originally as a business unit within Merkantildata (later ATEA). The company focused on implementing ERP solutions in the Nordic market, industry solutions for retail, property management, logistics, legal and transport & waste management. In 2000 the company changed its name to Hands and was listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange. In 2005 Hands was unlisted, as it was acquired by the Icelandic company Kögun which later merged with Skýrr (see above). Despite changes in ownership Hands kept its Norwegian identity and acquired Nett.2.3 and Completo in 2005.

In 2012 Advania AB was born, when Skýrr from Iceland, Kerfi from Sweden and Hands from Norway merged and became a key challenger in the Scandinavian IT-market. Since then companies have been acquired and merged with Advania, the listed Swedish IT company Caperio included.

Advania employs around 1,500 individuals in 29 locations in Sweden, Iceland, Norway, Finland and Denmark. We operate in all aspects of society, serving clients in healthcare & life sciences, banking & finance, infrastructure & telecommunication, policing & homeland security, education & exports, social & family services, industries & commerce, transport & tourism, fisheries & agriculture.

Board of directors

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Gestur G. Gestsson is the chairman of the board. He was the Group CEO of Advania from 2009 to 2019 and has extensive management and board experience in IT and telecommunications. Previously, he was the CMO and later CTO at Vodafone Iceland, CMO of the interactive gaming company Betware and CEO of the Icelandic pioneering ISP Margmiðlun. He has served as Chairman of the Board of top-level domain registry Internet in Iceland and had the same position at Vodafone in the Faroe Islands. Gestur holds a degree in Political Science and Economics from the University of Iceland.

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Thomas Ivarson has a broad international business experience. He has held several senior executive and management positions in the IT industry, at Ericsson and later EHPT AB in Sweden, CMG Wireless Data Solutions BV in Holland, Logica PLC in London, etc. He’s an investor in small and medium size companies and has significant experience of merger & acquisitions. He sits on several boards of directors. Thomas has an M.Sc. degree in Electrical Engineering from Chalmers Technical University in Gothenburg and a business degree from the University of Gothenburg.
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Benjamin Kramarz has vast experience in investing in and building businesses across the Nordic Region. He is currently a partner with the Nordic based private equity fund, VIA equity, and is an active board member in several Nordic based technology companies. Benjamin holds an MBA from Harvard Business School and an MPA from Harvard School of Government. In addition, Benjamin has earned a B.Sc. in Economics and an M.Sc. in Economics from the University of Copenhagen where he was awarded with the Crown Prince Frederik Fellowship.
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Vesa Suurmunne is a CEO of Nordic Mezzanine Advisers Limited. His prior management positions include Hambro European Ventures, Hambros Bank Limited, Arctos Asset Management and the Industrialization Fund of Finland. Vesa holds a Master of Science in Technology from Helsinki University of Technology and a Bachelor of Science in Business Studies from Helsinki School of Economics.
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Aðalsteinn Jóhannsson has over 20 years of experience from investment banking and entrepreneurship globally. Aðalsteinn has lead and participated in over 200 transactions worldwide throughout his career, specializing in technology related businesses. He has been a sell side and buy side advisor on numerous landmark transactions and has also raised capital from world renowned investors in Europe and the United States. Aðalsteinn is the founder of Beringer Finance and its majority owner. Aðalsteinn holds an executive education degree from Harvard Business School, an MBA and a B.Sc. in International Finance from Reykjavik University.